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Introdution of the human bubble football

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We will introduce the  history of human bubble football. Around 2011, Norwegian Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden created a bubble of football. Game is the end of 2011, for the first time in Norway, a local show named “golden goal” as a small episode.
In 2012, the bubble after football released in youtube web site, popular in the whole of Europe. From Italy to Latvia active hubble-bubble football everywhere.
High bubble football fun, low technical requirements. Football itself is very not easy goal, when go to upper body space ball package and hands bound, under the condition of balance is very poor goals become extravagant hopes. Instead, players out of balance on the ground, bounces from east roll west turn awkward action for game adds a lot of interest. Football the sport activities into a funny games sports, loved by the masses.
1, the material preparation: a blast blower, inflatable space several, soccer is a ball.
2, the layout: plain and neat place.
3, number: typically consists of 4 to 10 people, the number of unlimited (affected by the venue size)
4, innovative gameplay: players enter the inflated with a fighting, of the space in the ball, yellow card is invalid, collision, goal is not the goal, knock the opponent makes sense.
But to give up the traditional football game, non-professional fans can also be involved, improve the participation of the masses. Goal is no longer a football match only purpose, human bubble ball have increased interest in football match and playability. Human Bubble football can alleviate the pressure of the working people, for the participants to add fun to live game. As a result, the new sports participants to get the high praise.